Kitchen areas are complicated spaces; I did the counting thing once again and got up to 100+ choices before you even get to colors and cabinet surfaces. A kitchen area strategy takes me 20+ hours (depending on the size and complexity of the area), so that’s a minimum of 3 days for a professional interior designer to get whatever absolutely is ideal.

You can, naturally, go to a kitchen showroom and get them to prepare out your kitchen however remember this will be rushed through in an hour or more and not be able to take all your personal needs into factor to consider. So, here are my 5 top tips to prepare if you do go down the kitchen display room path, that way you’ll go with a clear idea of what you desire and are much more likely to get a good outcome.

My top tips for getting a kitchen plan right:

1. Draw out your space

Graph paper is good for this, but any paper will do.

– You need minimum 1m between work surfaces and around tables (this is for the chairs, ~40cm if using a bench against a wall).

– An overhang of ~25cm to fit a bar stool under an island and ~70cm for each stool.

– Draw out walls, doors and windows and then start filling in the rough worktop shape (60cm wide standard, 90cm extra deep or island).

Now you have a plan of your kitchen space you can work out if you really can fit in that island…

2. Layer your lighting

You need various levels of lighting for different activities and points in the night, this is particularly real if you have dining or living incorporated but is still valid even in a separate space.

Bright task lighting is needed for when you’re cooking or cleaning up, softer lighting for dining and later at night when you simply need to top up your wine glass or make a cup of chamomile prior to bed. I like under cabinet/shelf job lighting combined with pendants on dimmers. If you need to have spotlights choose real spotlights instead of recessed areas so these can be angled to create the very best light, you still need lighting at another level, and preferably some soft lower light, even a little table lamp in a peaceful corner can be a good night addition.

3. Look and feel

Is your kitchen a different area or part of your primary living location? If the latter, it is crucial that your kitchen is understanding to the rest of the room. Make a link with one of the kitchen areas colors or materials – select out the navy in the sofa cushions or the oak worktop on your bookshelves. You can even utilize a similar door to the kitchen units in your media unit, perhaps in another color. Pinterest or Houzz

are good places to start, check out lots of images and pin/save anything you like without thinking too much about each one, then go back and take a look at resemblances, possibilities are there will be one appearance that you go back to once again and once again- that is your perfect kitchen. My customers frequently pin the exact same space from a various angle without understanding, it offers me a fantastic running start on what they are imagining! Now look carefully at the aspects that make it up, that will offer you a running start on picking your cabinet style, color, worktop, handle and lighting styles.

4. Top cabinets

Don’t overload your kitchen with leading cabinets, you’ll get a wonderful sensation of area if you can forget them entirely in favor of an open rack. Where this isn’t possible, or desirable, break up wall cupboards with the occasional open rack or glass front. If you are worried about revealing the contents switch the plain glass for receded glass which looks fantastic and will decrease the visibility. Exercise what will enter each cabinet, think of switching out some cabinets for drawers which work outstandingly for pans and so on then you’ll understand how lots of you in fact need.


5. Do you need an upstand?

This is a brief vertical addition to your worktop (generally about 10cm) It’s a small detail but one that counts. Upstands can often end up a kitchen well, not constantly essential but worth thinking about– specifically if you aren’t utilizing tiles or have unsteady walls. And lastly, add in a plant– yes, I understand I constantly state it however it actually will bring the area to life.

So ideally these tips and tricks will help you with your kitchen planning, but if the job feels burdensome then you just need to call us now at 07 5646 3702 or visit Kitchen Renovation Showroom Gold Coast to discover out how I can assist take away the pain and save you money along with anguish.

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