The benchtop is one of the most functional parts of any
kitchen. Not only does it provide the all-important space for preparing meals
and placing utensils, but it can also play a big role in determining the look
of a kitchen.

However, most people do not rely on professionals when it
comes to choosing and installing a kitchen benchtop. While the Houzz & Home
‘Overview of Home Renovation in 2017 and 2018’ report found that a kitchen
designer or renovator is the third most hired professional for a home
renovation, only 11% of homeowners sought this service. This proves that
homeowners today trust their design instinct and are opting for DIY kitchen

As the head of purchasing at Ross’s Discount Home Centre, I
meet customers looking to purchase kitchen benchtops in Perth often. Over the
years, I’ve come to learn what makes and what doesn’t make a great benchtop.
Today, I’ll share some tips with you to help you choose the right kitchen
benchtop design for your upcoming renovation.

the right benchtop material and pattern

When it comes to choosing a kitchen benchtop, you need to
consider your cabinetry. Your benchtop material and pattern match or complement
the rest of your kitchen. Therefore, I recommend that you decide on these two
elements together.

2-pack or plain-finish cabinets are easier to work with. You
can pretty much choose any material for your benchtop; just make sure the
pattern complements the color of your cabinets (see below for more information
on colors). Wooden cabinetry is a little hard to work with as it is not easy to
match the wood grain. Therefore, you’re best to choose a stone or laminate
benchtop with a light texture that complements the grain rather than trying to
match it.


the right benchtop colors

To match the color of your benchtop to the rest of your
kitchen, you can either choose complementing tones, a monochrome palette or a
contrasting color scheme.

Your safest bet is to stick to neutral tones as they will
complement just about everything. Neutral benchtop tones will also allow you to
choose colors for your kitchen tiles more freely. Neutral tones will help you
create a complementary color scheme. And, by including stone and metallic
elements in your kitchen, you can create a natural look.

To create a monochromatic space, white on white, grey on
grey, all black and any combination of white, black, and grey look great and are
very much on-trend in 2019. Alternatively, you can also choose blue on grey,
olive green on grey, white and timber, and French grey to create a sophisticated-looking monochromatic kitchen. Don’t be afraid of experimenting a little with
warm neutrals, rich browns, blues, and toned-down yellows as accents. These will
help you add a fresh touch to your space.

And, if you’re willing to be a little creative, you can mix
and match colors to create a contrasting color scheme. Contrasting color
schemes can be used to make a fun style statement in your kitchen. Cream on
Navy and Red on White are some contrasting color schemes that will help you
create a vibrant and lively kitchen.

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There are certain considerations you need to make before
purchasing kitchen benchtops in Perth. First of all, consider the material and
pattern of the benchtop and make sure that it complements the finish and
texture of your cabinetry. Decide on a complimentary, monochromatic, or
contrasting color scheme and choose a benchtop color accordingly.

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