In a joint physical custody situation, both parents care for the child for substantial periods of time. This does not mean the time in divided in half equally. There is no such thing as a “perfect” level; we strive for a “comfortable” level. Dont let yourself become discouraged or disappointed when others give you advice that doesnt seem to mesh with who you are. To become truly proficient with managing the disease and achieve satisfactory level to prevent future complications, one must goes through trial and error, experiments, sleepless nights, and of course endless worries to get the “perfect” number on your glucometer to avoid hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic episodes and ketone buildups associated with high blood sugar levels, or potential seizures from low blood sugar

Great parents are great because their children respect them and not because their children fear them. Parenting should be fun. God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. Perspective will allow you on the most stressful of days to realise that you’ve been given your child as an amazing gift to enjoy and cherish. Q: Please discuss the concept of helping children to develop and live by their own “inner authority”

Display behaviours you would like to see in them. I can’t express how happy I was when she finally smiled at me! I had tears in my eyes, because her smile touched me heart so deeply. The challenging task of parenting is difficult no matter the age of the child

Painful as it is to think about, the day will come when your kids leave home. Its easy to feel beat up, resentful, and overwhelmed. The truth is, many children today are aggressive and destructive, and this emanates in part from inconsistent parenting. While you are stirring you may talk about Aunt Druce’s poppyseed salad dressing or Uncle Norm’s famous pea soup

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