Commercial Kitchen Renovations

Designing the layout that showcases your restaurant or cafe is important. You want to give the clients the feel and emotion of what your dream is. After all you want your clients to rave about you and come back with their family and friends. The beautiful look of your business and layout will add plenty of value to your business if your clients like the look and fell of your restaurant or cafe.

Commercial Kitchen

Considering  upgrading or renovating your commercial  kitchen.  2020 is a new decade in and a new year. It is the perfect timing to build your dream commercial kitchen. Start your plan now and researching the best people to construct your kitchen.

Your kitchen is the heart and hub of your cafe or restaurant.

Clients and  families alike need to feel the warmth of who you are and smell the aromas, so long as they are good aromas, coming from your kitchen.

Clients want to feel the vibrancy in your business which the overall desogn of the commercial kitchen needs to accomplish in style, colour, layout, positioning and ease of clients and staff getting around in.

A new profit making kitchen design should incorporate:

  • Bar areas,
  • Eating areas
  • Cash counter
  • Access to kitchen for waiters
  • Delivery counter
  • Layout of kitchen
  • Layout of stoves
  • Layout of fridges
  • Store rooms
  • freezers
  • Other

Colours Styles and Finishes

Commercial Kitchen Cabinets

The commercial kitchen wall cabinets and storage is something important to consider. designing the right colour that match your overall brand with contrasting colours.

Is your commercial kitchen for an office environment where the presentation of it must be top class? 

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