Designs and ideas

  • Make a splash
  • Paint your dated kitchen cabinets
  • Have you thought of adding a kitchen island
  • Open plan kitchen
  • Stylish Counter  top
  • Making use of corner space
  • Appliance Upgrade
  • Value your flooring design
  • Little things make a difference
  • Hidy hole for your appliances
  • Why not slide
  • Workspace creativity
  • Allow guests into kitchen

 Your designs and Ideas coming to life

There are plenty of designs and ideas in today’s world for you to choose from for your new kitchen designs. Sit down with our qualified QBCC licensed and insured builders to assist you in making your concepts come to life. Once we have arrived at a place with plenty of information from you we will then work on and provide a 3D image of what our new kitchen will look like and make any additional changes prior to moving forward with the overall kitchen renovation project.

When you begin to see the wonderful ideas you have take shape, your excitement will only grow. As we complete your renovation you will have realized that your dream can come true.


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Make a splash

Your food and cooking pre area can look grea by adding a smart clean splashback to it. It will look visually fresh, engagin and when choosing the correct design will last for a long time. YOu can creat your very won design and add flair to it. Opting for a tile that allows you to create a pattern is a great idea.

Paint your kitchen

Do you have a few basic skills? You can brighten up a large or small kitchen by adding a fresh coast of paint and new cabinet hardwar such as door knobs and latches. To get a classy clean look always think of using neutral colours or a bright white. 

Preping your kitchen cabinets before you paint is an important step.

Kitchen Island

The kitchen Island is designed for more for preparing food in the kitchen. It doesnt matter whether you have a small or large kitchen, habving a Kitchen Island is a great addition.

Open plan kitchens

Why not choose to have open shelves instead of closed cupboards. This can provide a wonderful display and make a small kitchen appear much larger.

Its easy to install shelvess at the standard cupboard height. INstall the lower shelf about 45.72 cm 

Stylish counter top

Counter tops can make a big impact on your kitchen designs. This bis where you will be cutting a lot of vegetables and mneal preparation. This is obne of the key focl points in your whole kitchen.

Making use of corner space

Having a corner space spare can be a great thing to have. There are creaetive ways to make the most of this space. For example

  • Storage space
  • Working
  • informal dining
  • Relaxing with a cup of coffee or rea

Placing accessories in the space can make it look great as well like adding pillos or bean bags for extra comfort. 

Appliance upgrades

When you are creating  your new kitchen you might like to set aside a budget for upgrqading to more energy efficient appliances. Appliance with a 5 star rating are the best. Refrigerators and dishwaters are the optimum appliajce to uograde.

Additionally you might like to consider adding Solar energy. We recommend LUke fron Best airconditioning expert Phone  0756066772

value your flooring design

Are you wanting a total kitchen remodeling, then consider adding the extra value by doing the floor as well. There are plenty of choices availabel for this including tiling, wod vinyl and slate. YOu can create splashbacks on the wall as a feature as well.

Little things that make a difference

Being able to cook is an artform and a gift. YOu need inspiration when you cook so why not create the environment that give you that. Creative coloured accessories provide the avenue for your personality to come out. USe the open shelf for chowcasing the colours you like in decorative bottles, glassware and artwork and add plants on the shelves. The use of hooks to hang cups, mugs, clocks or miniature herb garden.

Hidy hole for appliances

Making your counter look clean and smart when entertaining guests is and ideal thing to aim for. You can create a  little hidey hole for you appliances to have a home in. This is like a litle garage where you can park the frequently used appliances. You could add a coffee machine in here as well.

Create a work space

When designing your new kitchen allow for extra surface space for making your culinary delights. Having a kitchen island is an ideal component with additional cabinet space tp add to the design. YOu can add your dishwasher in here cutting down time going back and forth.

Why not slide

You can remove your old pantry doors and add sliding doors instead. This provide more space as well as you are not open the door into the new kitchen space. YOu can access your pantry much more easily as well.


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