Guide to Kitchen Renovations

Here is a helpful  guide to kitchen renovations.  This guide will help you plan out your exciting kitchen renovation and remodeling. Researching and writing down different questions you have and getting answers is an important part of the planning process.



Ask for and check licenses, insurances for all the tradesman. Check reviews and ask if you can call a client or 2. This should be no problem for quality professional tradesman.

Set Goals

Before you begin, think about the goals you want to achieve.

  • Is immaculate design the driving force?
  • Improved functionality and use of your kitchen?
  • Resale? Are you looking to put the home on the market?
  • Is energy savings a priority?
  • Or maybe it’s a combination of all these elements?


Develop a budget for yourself that will help you make decisions when you are choosing materials and appliances.

Contact Person

A renovation project has many moving tasks associated with it so make sure that you have a Project Manager/ Builder who will be dedicated to the project from beginning to end. If you are not engaging a Project manager make sure you research and understand the risks if you don’t.

There are plenty more tips and suggestions and this is a small guide to helping you begin the process to your kitchen renovations. We can assist you more when you  make for you when you contact us to lock in your free no obligation quote.. Why not call us now 0756463702



Ask them if they have a warranty for their work and make sure you get all the warranty information for the manufacturers.


Give yourself the creative space to envision what you want. Walk through a showroom for inspiration for the different materials and displays.


The more time you spend planning, the easier the project becomes. It’s also more efficient to follow a plan, than to work guessing things along the way. We request that all our clients keep a folder of photos, magazine clippings and other articles for your design and style.


Assess right at the beginning if the builder and office people are communicating clearly with you. This is an important part of the process. Any situation that may arise will be better addressed if communication is clear.


Before you hire a renovation or remodeling company, ask them about their process and how they approach projects.

Enjoy the process

While a major renovation project can be difficult, it doesn’t have to be stressful. When you have the right company, you’ll enjoy the process and revel in the results.

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