Tips on kitchen remodeling

Tips on kitchen remodeling

Tip 1 – ask your contractor questions before You hire them.

Tip2 – Having a list of questions you can ask your potential contractor. This  is important. After all you will be paying them your hard earned money. Having answers to these questions will help you in choosing the right contractor. If they don’t provide the right answers, don’t use them. Its as simple as that. If one happens to be a little more expensive and covers all these, it will be worth the extra, believe me, we’ve had to fix projects where people have skimped on this and ending up costing them more than if they’d chosen the right one in the first place.

What is your license number?

You only want to choose a builder, tradesman that has a relevant license for the work. Get their number and check it on the QBCC pg here

Are you a stable reliable company ?

Again request the ABN of the trademan and see how long they have been in business. You can do that here.

What type and how much insurance do you carry?

A licensed operator will be covered under their registration with QBCC and as such will also have insurance for your project. Should there be an issue with something, first contact the builder to  come and check things over. If you do have issues, contacting QBCC direct will sort this out. If you have a top level builder, you will have a good relationship with them.

What are your work ethics?

All builders that work for clients from Kitchen Reno 4U abide by a core set of principles. Honesty Integrity and reliability… The Builder agrees to abide by strict business practices and resolve any complaints quickly and fairly.

Do you have references relevant to my project?

We believe that past performance is always the best indicator of ability. At Kitchen Renovation 4U, our builders document the projects with photos that capture the work accomplished – from before to during and after.

Quoting- I am not sure about my quote?

When it comes to getting 3 quotes, you should have the quotes sent via email and all should have at least:

  • Business name/ license number
  • ABN
  • Email address/phone number
  • Quote number
  • Logo

If any of these are missing they are already in the be careful basket. Contact us here for more information


Who will handle the day-to-day?

Your project should be booked in and the time line disclosed clearly. A good builder will tell their timeline and work with you to make sure you are looked after and finished on time. There may be some situations that arise outside the builders control, however these are easily dealt with.


Will you help me design my space?

We most certainly can assist you in design. We have a core team of tilers, painters, electricians, plumbers we use. All of these trades go into assisting yout with design and layout. Lighting, moving of plumbing fixtures, wall or cupboard extension.

We keep abreast of design trends and bring them directly to you.

How can I calculate how long a project will take?

 We usually tell client to allow between 2-4 weeks depending on the size and scale of the job. We set out a time line with you from paying of deposit to when the project will be finished. We work with any family contraints there might be as well. Each stage of the project is disclosed and the timeline for each.

We pride ourselves in completing jobs on time 

When can you start?

We can start anytime after you have had the quote done and paid your deposit. We start by meeting with you and designing the projects. The sooner you book us in the sooner we can do your renovation. Once deposit has been paid we can then organise the materials, other tradesman and rubbish removal. Bear in mind if you make alterations after the job has started then will generally be an addon charge for this.

What is your warranty on labor and materials?

We provide all of our clients with a warranty on all labor. Each trademan also has an insurance on their labor. We only deal with manufacturers who provide a warranty on their products as well.

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